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Maaje Zevwe  (‘mother tongue’ in Kashmiri) is a Kashmiri women-led magazine, which attempts to showcase the survival voyage of the Kashmiri community by authentically defining the various dynamics of being a ‘Kashmiri’, across the narratives of resistance through language, literature, culture, art and music.

The magazine presents appreciative, critical and analytical perspectives across three major themes of Kashmiri Language/Literature, Music and Resistance. Resistance here encompasses important concepts like but are not limited to cultural resistance, ethnopolitical resistance, resistance against patriarchy, and gender sensitivity resistance. The women behind Maaje Zevwe recognize the need for a Kashmiri women-found and women-led space, where we redefine the Kashmiri culture, music, literature, language, and art from a different lens.


Maaje Zevwe is a feminist space and stands in complete solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community. We run upon the principle of being non-conformist and promote the critical analysis of the Kashmiri society, literature, culture, music, art and language in a way that not only helps in its preservation but doesn’t hesitate to point out the blatant sexism, homophobia, discriminatory practices etc. in the same.



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